Do Obamacare concerns augur poorly for ColoradoCare?

Health insurance rates under the Affordable Care Act are set to increase by 25% next year according to this report in the Denver Post on October 24, 2016, Obama administration confirms double-digit health insurance premium hikes.”

The reasons for the increases are a muddle; articles like this one from Yahoo Finance on October 25, 2016, “Do Increases in Health Insurance Premiums Spell Doom for Obamacare? No, and Here’s Why.” offer only spotty explanations.

It is safe to say that insurers are raising their prices because they can; those that cannot are reducing their participation, if not leaving the market altogether.

ColoradoCare (Amendment 69 on the ballot) does nothing to take up the Distributist reforms that are so badly needed. ColoradoCare’s model is not the same as Obamacare’s, but without addressing the issues underlying the ever increasing cost of health care, a more efficient result is unlikely.

See this previous post for a summary of Distributist economist John Médaille’s analysis and proposals regarding health care.

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